7 Tips How To Create A Beautiful Welcoming Guest Bath

It’s always fun when guests come to visit However, it can be a nightmare if you do not have enough space in your house. Instead of walking on each other’s toes, it can be very beneficial to build a welcoming guest bathroom. If you have a bathroom where your guests can have exclusive access, it stops your home from feeling crowded and reduces the chances of people using bathrooms simultaneously. You can’t build four walls, put in toilets and sinks and declare it done. Remodel Instantly may help you in remodeling your bathroom. Remodel Instantly has built a Long-Standing Bathroom Remodeling in Washington, DC providing customers with quality work and incomparable customer service. Here are a few suggestions on how to remodel the bathroom in your guest room which your guests will appreciate during their stay.


Nobody likes entering the bathroom to navigate an inconveniently designed space. Do you think of slamming your knees on the sink while trying to sit down on the toilet? Although your guest bathroom doesn’t have to be as extravagant as your master bathroom It still requires the proper layout that will let your guests efficiently navigate through the bathroom. Concentrate on incorporating the most important elements -the sink, toilet as well as shower, and, if it is possible, a tub and ensuring there’s enough space around each one of them without making your guests feel cramped. Instead of filling up the bathroom, think about opting to use smaller components like a stand-up shower instead of a tub. Take the time to look at the efficacy of the bathroom layout for guests and layout, your guests will be satisfied with their accommodations. If you are searching for a Bathroom Renovation service in Washington, DC, you will come to know about Remodel Instantly. Remodel Instantly is an experienced and Certified Bathroom Renovation Company with trained professionals to give your bathroom a new look within your budget.


Does your guest bathroom have plenty of natural light? The smaller area of the guest bath indicates that there’s no window within the bathroom to let light in. In this case, you have to brighten the bathroom of your guest with plenty of lighting. This will not only make the bathroom more welcoming to your guests and allow make it easier for them to perform their routine tasks at night, such as showering or washing their face and brushing their teeth, and many more. Opt for a bright lamp that sits on top of the mirror on your vanity that will provide adequate bathroom lighting, in addition to additional lighting options in the room as needed. If you want your guest bathroom to be as bright as possible without having too much light shining into other rooms at night, then a kitchen lighting update in Los Angeles is an excellent choice because they do kitchen lighting updates with bathroom lighting updates in Los Angeles. 


Have you ever been a guest at an establishment and been amazed by the soft and fluffy towels that were waiting in the bathroom? This is the exact feeling you try to create for guests! Instead of setting aside your worn and dirty towels in the bathroom for your guests, buy a lush set that is specially designed for guests — making sure they look the best because they won’t typically be part of your regular bath towel rotation! Keep extra washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels beneath the basin or a linen closet for easy access to ensure that your guests don’t have to ask for more towels during their stay. When they arrive, put your freshly cleaned towels in a spot that is easily visible, so your guests can shower as they wish. It is also possible to hang a few comfy robes for guests to lounge in while they pack and wind down from their trips.


It’s common that guests to forget a few of their bathroom necessities when traveling. Instead of making an emergency trip to your local pharmacy to purchase a toothbrush or another item you’ve forgotten about or item, you can create the luxury of a hotel in your guest bathroom by supplying them with travel-sized necessities. Display a basket of necessities that are easy to forget such as shampoo and cotton swabs, toothbrushes or toothpaste, nail clippers, and feminine products to ensure that they can have access to all the bathroom necessities they require whenever they need to use them. By putting together a basket of toiletries, you’ll relax knowing that your guests have everything they require to have the most comfortable stay at your home.


In the case of bathrooms for guests, you’re often working with a smaller floor plan than the master bathroom. So you should think about what you can do to maximize the amount of bathroom storage without compromising the layout style. If you are designing your bathroom, add shelves or hooks which are easy to access from the bathtub or shower so your guests can reach the towels or their possessions without having to step on the flooring. You might also need a place to store guest towels and toiletries while the bathroom isn’t being used. If space permits, add an area for linen storage into your bathroom design or ensures there is enough room for bathroom storage under the counters. If you plan on having guests over a long period of time it is possible to put a hamper in the bathroom to give them a place to put their soiled clothes.


In many guest rooms, the space can appear extremely dull and unattractive particularly when there is little natural light in the bathroom. To brighten up the bathroom for guests, put in fresh flowers or live plants in a bouquet of flowers on the day your guests arrive. Not only will fresh-cut flowers or plant life create beautiful backgrounds for the bathroom, but they will also add a lovely fragrance and ensure that your guests feel like they’ve stepped foot into the bathroom of a 5-star hotel. For the bathroom’s color palette and style, you could choose neutral white flowers or add the bathroom with vibrant hues.


One of the downsides of the bathroom for guests is that it’s not used often. As a result, you could find that your guest bath often appears to be a bit musty or damp. To keep your bathroom smelling fresh or provide it with an overhaul before your guests arrive, let the room air out. Keep the bathroom door open and, if there are windows in the room and you have a window, make sure to open it a week or so beforehand. You might also wish to install an air freshener or put out incense or light a candle so that the bathroom smells divine upon your guests’ arrival.

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