Why Your AC Is Leaving Hot Spots in Your House

The heat at the end of summer can be intense therefore it won’t be a surprise to discover that your air conditioning unit after months of continuous work, has started to struggle to keep all of your dwelling cool. Although it’s not surprising this is still something you’d like to address as soon as possible. When you’ve got an AC leaving your home too hot, it may mean the whole system is in danger.

We’ll explain some of the different reasons an AC will begin to offer unbalanced cooling, and the time you’ll need to call to Local Ac Repair in San Francisco.

Clogged air filter

When it comes to AC problems, it is recommended that homeowners first look at the filter of their AC (usually situated in the HVAC cabinet) to determine if it’s dirty. A blocked air filter will hinder the flow of air into the air conditioner and consequently reduce the amount of cool air it can transfer to the ducts. Certain rooms will get enough cooling, while other rooms won’t. A simple change to the air filter can fix this. If you have not thought about filter replacement for a while, don’t put it off any longer. AC Filter Replacement in San Francisco AC Repair Techs are always ready to serve your needs. Stop breathing dirty air and making yourself sick, call the professionals of San Francisco AC Repair Techs to replace dirty and damaged AC filters for your commercial or residential needs.

Lower refrigerant

A cooling system is designed to run with a certain amount (or “charge”) also known as refrigerant that remains constant during the entire life of the AC. The amount of refrigerant can decrease as a result of leaks, and this can result in the AC losing cooling capacity , and it will not be able of evenly distributing the air throughout your home. In the end, a lack of refrigerant may cause an AC to break down completely which is why it’s essential to seek out repairs whenever you see capacity issues.

Leaking air ducts

Damage to the ducts connecting some rooms to the ventilation system can allow cooled room air escape and leave those rooms with inadequate cooling levels. Uneven cooling is typically an indication of ductwork that requires professional attention to repair leaks. These leaks not only affect certain rooms, but also make your AC system less efficient overall. If you are searching for “duct cleaning services near you in San Francisco, CA” on the internet, you will get a long list of such companies offering Duct Cleaning Servicesbut you do not know which one is reliable.


This is when an AC shuts down its cooling process prematurely (cycles generally last for up to 15 minutes) in order to turn back on a short interval later, repeating the cycle. Short-cycling isn’t allowing an air conditioner enough time to ensure that conditioned air is distributed across all rooms and result in an uneven cooling. Short-cycling drains power and causes immense stress on the AC as a result, making it a malfunction you want fixed immediately.

Air conditioners that are aging

Uneven cooling is often a red flag that an air conditioning unit nearing an end in its service life. The typical AC lasts for 10 to 15 years, therefore, if you’ve got an AC that’s 12 years old or more it’s entered into the risk zone. A decline in cooling capacity for an older AC such as this usually means you need to get it replaced.

Undersized air conditioner

If this is a brand-new AC that hasn’t provided even cooling, then the issue is likely to be due to a unit that was sized as too small when installed. It is common for amateurs to make this mistake and the only way to fix the issue is to engage experts to replace the unit with the correct size.

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