Snapped Garage Door Cable? What’s Wrong And How To Fix It

Snapped garage door cable? You’re likely to face an immediate trip to the hardware store and a hefty bill for repairs. And that’s not even counting the stress that you’re likely to experience when you require a replacement cable that isn’t readily available. You’re not out of luck however – Gate Installation Temple City is here to assist you.

What do garage door cables Do?

There’s more to the garage than is apparent. The cables for your garage door counterbalance the garage door when you open and close it. The cable is connected to the pulley that is located at the highest point of the door. The other end of the cable is connected to a spring that is bent and then it pulls up on the door once you release it. The spring will take over and then releases tension when the garage door fully opens.

How Do You Fix A Garage Door Cable Break?

Because the cables are handling many pounds weight on your garage door, they may get worn out as time passes. Additionally, a poorly adjusted garage door cable can snapor break completely. Other reasons are a pulley that has worn out, wear due to heat stress and fluctuation during the day, rust, and corrosion.

The cable for your garage door is constructed of steel but it’s also flexible. It will stretch over time, but isn’t prone to breaking. If you care for your cables correctly, it is unlikely that they will snap. That said, it can be a possibility without warning indicators if your don’t stay on top of the inspections or have always ran the cables just a bit long for the garage door’s size.

What are the warning signs of A Snapped Garage Doors Cable?

There are a few common indicators of a snapped garage door cable. These include:

  • The door getting stuck in one position
  • The garage door as it moves up or down
  • Uneven door movement during opening or closing

If you suspect a snapped garage door cable, call a professional Electric Gate Operator Repair in Temple City immediately. Utilizing your garage door using damaged cable could be a risk for injury or harm.

How do I open my Garage Door with a broken Cable?

Although it is possible to open your garage door when your cables break, it’s not advised. But, if you’re forced to unlock your garage door during an emergency, follow these steps:

  • Remove your garage door opener to the door by using the emergency release cord
  • Make use of the handle at the lower part of the door to manually unlock it
  • Hold the door open in place using a vice grip or clamp

Be aware, however, that your garage door is quite heavy and can cause injuries or damage by careless handling. The cable may also fail completely at any point and cause serious harm to your family or any other people in the vicinity. It’s better safe rather than sorry. Call an expert Electric Gate Repair in Temple City immediately.

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