Ride Safe with These 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Driving a motorbike can be dangerous. But, you can ride the open roads with ease when you take safety on the road seriously. Before you fire up your engine, you should consider the risks and possible injuries associated with operating a motorbike. In cases of motorcycle crash accidents, you can file a lawsuit to compensate for the damages. The experienced and professional lawyers at Motorcycle AccidentLawyers Atlanta will get you through the Motorcycle Crash Claim, making sure you get your justified compensation.

The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be extremely serious or fatal. Most injuries affect the feet or legs however, around 22 percent of injured victims sustain moderate or serious chest, neck, and head injuries. The most frequent injuries are:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Trauma to the pelvis and the torso
  • The feet, arms, and leg injuries to the legs, feet, arm
  • Road rash

Georgia is ranked 18th among the states with the highest percentage of motorcycle fatalities. Between 2014 and 2018, 10.5% of all vehicle-related injuries in Georgia were motorcyclists. It’s crucial to know that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and must be done deliberately and carefully. The following tips provided by Accident Attorney Atlanta will allow you to ensure your safety when taking a ride on your motorbike.

#1: Choose The Right Ride

All motorcycles are not created equal. They’re not all going to work for you. You must know the size and speed you are comfortable with. If you’re not able to place both feet flat on the floor sitting, your bike isn’t big enough. The motorcycle you choose should be light enough to allow you to move it with ease, and the control and handlebars must be easily accessible. Make sure to have anti-lock brakes. You’re 37% less likely to cause a fractal crash if you’re motorcycle is equipped with anti-lock brakes.

Even if you take security measures, you might suffer a motorcycle accident injury. If you do, be sure to get in touch with Personal Injury Lawyers Atlanta. Our personal injury lawyers will provide you with personal attention and will fight for your rights.

#2 #1: Motorcycle Safety Training

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, or if it’s been a while make sure that your knowledge and skills are up to standards before you go out on the road. It’s possible that the dealer you purchase your bike from or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will provide the necessary safety training. If you complete a course, you may even receive a discount on your insurance for motorcycles.

After you have completed a safety course, test what you learned in low-traffic areas. Learn to ride safely in dangerous conditions like high winds, wet surfaces, or uneven surfaces.

#3: Wear The Right Gear

If you’re not wearing the correct equipment, riding a motorcycle is dangerous. In addition, ensure that you have the right helmet. Helmets save lives. If you don’t wear a helmet, it is 40% more likely you’ll get head injuries that are fatal.

It is also imperative to protect your eyes. Make sure you wear a helmet with an eye visor or buy goggles. Be sure to protect your eyes from the sun and dirt while riding your motorcycle. By doing this, you can ensure that you feel comfortable and proficient behind the road on a motorcycle.

#4: Check Your Motorcycle

Before you start the engine, ALWAYS scrutinize your motorbike to ensure it’s suitable for riding. Make sure the lights, horn, and signal are operating properly. Examine the chain, belt, and shaft, and ensure all is in order. Then, look over the tire for signs of wear as well as the proper tire pressure. The dangers of riding a motorbike are high and you shouldn’t add that by not checking your bike prior to hitting the road. A simple check could save your life or prevent serious injury.

#5: Be Sure To Check the Weather Conditions and Weather

As much as possible, don’t ride when riding in dangerous conditions. There is a good chance that you will get caught in severe conditions from time to some point. It is vital to know the things you are able to and cannot manage.

Initial minutes in a rainstorm are the most hazardous. If you are unable to avoid riding in the rain, you should try to stay away from riding in the first few minutes of a rainstorm. Rain reduces visibility significantly and loosens your tires’ ability to grip the pavement. If you find yourself on a rainy road make sure you are gentle with your brakes and steer clear of abrupt movements. Sand, wet leaves, and pebbles could cause the motorcycle to slide around or slip as in rain.

If you are riding in conditions that are windy, get away from the road as much as you can. Be aware of bumps and potholes.

#6: Be Smart

The mind of everyone is distracted when driving, especially when on an open road. Motorcycle riding requires more focus and attention. Make sure that your focus is focused on the road.

Contrary to what others might say, it’s best to drive with caution. Drivers are responsible 60% of the time in collisions with motorcycles. It’s important to be visible, so car drivers can observe you, especially when you change lanes. Make sure that you’re not being in someone’s blind spot and that you’re in the middle of the traffic lane.

In the end, it should go without saying but never be a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A motorcycle ride is risky; doing so in the presence of drugs or alcohol is irresponsible and makes it very likely that you’ll experience a fatal or severe injury.

#7: Get Insured

The previous six tips are vital. Even if you follow all the precautions mentioned the dangers of motorcycle accidents could still occur. A good insurance policy can help you avoid the hassle. Like most other states Georgia requires a minimum of liability insurance. Specifically, Georgia requires:

  • $25,000 in liability insurance per person in case of injuries or death;
  • $50,000 in insurance per accident for death or injury as well as
  • $25,000 in liability for property damage per accident.

If you drive a motorcycle without the required insurance the state could revoke or suspend the motorcycle registration.

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