7 Out Of The Box Kids Bathroom Ideas For Your Kids

If you are designing a bathroom specifically for your child, there are a few things to take into consideration that differ from the standard bathroom. While some of these design changes can encourage personal hygiene, others will help to make room for your child’s height as they get older years. It is not recommended to design a bathroom that is specific to the size and age your child is now. Instead, you want to look for ideas outside the box that will be as helpful to your child at a young age as they will be when they reach their teenage years. Bathroom Remodeling San Jose services of Remodel Instantly provide a great opportunity to spruce up a bathroom that already functions or completely renovate one that needs an overhaul. Here are a few of our most popular out-of-the box kids bathroom ideas that you can think about when you are planning your bathroom remodel.

Transitional Toilets

Based on the age of your kids If they are young, you might be playing with the possibility of installing a low toilet seat to be able to fit the children while they’re in potty training and beyond. However, the downside of the idea is that it means a toilet with a low level will need to be replaced when your children begin to get out of the way. Instead, you should opt for a toilet that is suitable for both children and adults, while making it simpler for your child to use the bathroom. This ensures you won’t need to replace your toilet once children grow older.

Another option to consider are toilet seats that have soft closing. They are perfect for families that have children as toilet seats tend to get closed. It will not only protect the seat from being crushed, it will also prevent your child’s fingers from getting caught on the other side of the fire.

Accessible Storage

It’s likely that you have lots of toiletries and other things that are stored in the cabinets of your bathroom? particularly if you’re trying to avoid what often seems like an inevitable mess on your countertops! Set your kids up to succeed in their bathroom hygiene habits can be accomplished by organizing the bathroom of your children with storage that is easily accessible. If you are searching for a Bathroom Renovation in San Jose, CA, you will come to know about Remodel Instantly.

You could consider installing a hamper in their room so that they can practice putting away their clothes while getting ready for the bed. Install pull-out drawers or use storage baskets that are inside cabinets to collect anything they may need from cotton swabs and toothpaste to dental floss and bandaids. Make sure that these items are organized and put in a spot where they can reach them whether at their height or lower (or accessible while using the step stool).

Pull-Out Step Stool

Based on the size of the bathroom for your child, you may not want a step stool sitting in the corner, consuming part of the space. Instead, think about adding an extra step stool which slides out from the bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity. This ensures that your children (and those who are invited to stay for the at night) can reach the bathroom sink ? encouraging better hygiene for your personal by allowing them to easily brush their teeth or cleanse their hands. The step stool is easily tucked away and kept out of view when it is not being used. If you’re not in the position of adding a pull-out stool put an extra step stool in your area so that your kids can have access to it any time they need it.

Double Vanities

Children fight over everything. They’re always looking to get to know what their sister has. Although a bathroom might seem boring You’ll be amazed to find out that your children might still be fighting over who has more space while standing at the sink , rubbing their teeth.

To avoid this unwelcome scenario, install a double vanity so each child has their own bathroom to wash in while getting ready for the day , or before heading off for the night. With two separate sinks that they can each claim as your own. You’ll decrease their time waiting to brush or fighting for space . It will also assist in keeping their hygiene up to par.

If you don’t have a bathroom spacious enough to accommodate an additional vanity You can put in a slightly wider sink that has double faucets. A trough-style sink lets you to create multiple brushing and handwashing stations, without compromising the need for counter space.

Multiple Hooks

The most popular option in bathroom designs is a towel rack? However, when designing a bathroom to accommodate a child (or multiple children! ) it might be beneficial to incorporate multiple hooks instead. Hooks enable more towels to be put up on a wall for them to dry, ensuring that each child will have a spot for their towel. This will decrease the likelihood of towels being placed on the floor or thrown on the bar for drying so that they don’t dry properly.

Extra Built-Ins

In accordance with how old your kids They could get several baths. It’s often a messy job bathing a child, and it’s even more challenging if the soap or shampoo you require isn’t kept in a place that is easily accessible. One of our favorite ways to maximize storage space in the bathroom and making bathing more enjoyable is to install built-in shelves that are recessed into the walls of the tub, allowing you to keep everything you need at hand. If you have multiple children with different needs for toiletries, you can divide the items by putting each child’s toiletries on their own shelf. You can even place some bath toys in the bottom shelf to make it accessible to the children!

Pivoting Mirror

The size and age of your child, they might be unable to see themselves in the mirror of the bathroom (even with a step stool). To help make this possible for them, you can install a pivoting mirror that is able to be adjusted to suit their height. This will ensure that the mirror is able to continue to be used throughout the years, as it is able to be adjusted by each child in accordance with their growing needs.

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